Welcome to Deb's Alpaca Shop

Welcome to Debís Alpaca Farm. Beulah Land Alpaca farm is the home of Debís Alpaca Shop, located in Ramer, Tennessee. Our family believes in not only the business of Alpacas but also in the belief that they are members of our family. We sheer our alpacas annually and the resulting fibers are spun into yarn for use by our local residents.

Debbie also imports many products from Peru that are indeed the finest in the industry and available to you our customers. Not only do we use these fine garments ourselves, but we offer them to our customers. There are numerous advantages to Alpaca products. However, the three major advantages put simply are 1) they are softer than Cashmere, 2) they are four times warmer than wool 3) they are naturally hypo-allergenic. If wool makes you itch, Alpaca products wonít.

We invite you to come by anytime to visit our shop and our farm where you can actually interact with the Alpacas. Call for directions and times.